Enroll a Child

Step 3: Home Visit

A staff member will come to your home and conduct a professional interview with you and your child to determine the best possible Big. We match on preference, so finding out what you and your child are looking for in a mentor is important to us.

Step 4: Matching

After introducing you and your child to a new mentor, a BBBS staff member will continue a relationship with all of you. We will have regular contact with you, your child, and your child's mentor. This staff member's role is to provide ideas, feedback, and resources. We want to help everyone involved to have a fun and meaningful experience.

Enroll a Child

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Nodaway County serves children and teens who want and need a mentor in their lives. BBBSNC matches Littles ages 7-14, that come from a single parent or non-traditional household with Bigs in a one-to-one, life-changing friendship. Bigs and Littles hang out 2-3 times a month for a few hours doing normal, everyday activities, like going to see a movie, playing games, going out to eat, or just hanging out!

Each match is supported by a dedicated staff member who is always there to provide resources and support specific to the Little's age. With a Big in their life, children and teens in the BBBSNC program are empowered to ignite their potential as they grow in their self-esteem, earn better grades, and develop a lifelong friendship with their Big.